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  • 10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Sales


Sales teams adopting AI are seeing an increase in leads and appointments of more than 50%, cost reductions of 40%–60%, and call time reductions of 60%–70% according to the Harvard Business Review article Why Salespeople Need to Develop Machine Intelligence.

62% of highest performing salespeople predict guided selling adoption will accelerate based on its ability rank potential opportunities by value and suggest next steps according to Salesforces’ latest State of Sales research study.

  • Habana Enters Machine-Learning Derby with Goya Platform


Habana Labs has emerged onto the machine-learning (ML) stage with its Goya HL-1000 processor (Fig. 1). The x16 PCI Express Gen 4 board has a 200-W TDP and comes with 16 GB of DDR4 ECC DRAM. It’s aimed at ML inference chores with a forthcoming Gaudi processor targeting ML training. In the meantime, Goya can take advantage of trained deep-neural-network (DNN) models to handle inference.

  • Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence In Business: Year In Review, 2018


Much has happened in artificial intelligence (AI) this year. From NVIDIA NVDA +4.75%, Intel INTC +5.99% and a host of startups announcing new chips focused on both training and run time inference, to announcements of a wide variety of new algorithms, much of the news has been focused on research and academia. The challenge is to notice what is happening with AI and machine learning (ML) that business can look to for short term adoption to aid in performance.

The technologies and techniques of AI and ML are still so new that the main adopters of the techniques are the large software companies able to hire and to invest in the necessary expertise. Those companies come into focus by looking at two pairs of companies which show the two angles of attack.

ML weekly

  • How Do Machine Learning Algorithms Differ From Traditional Algorithms?


Machine learning is an algorithm or model that learns patterns in data and then predicts similar patterns in new data. For example, if you want to classify children’s books, it would mean that instead of setting up precise rules for what constitutes a children’s book, developers can feed the computer hundreds of examples of children’s books. The computer finds the patterns in these books and uses that pattern to identify future books in that category.

  • CMSWire’s Top 10 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Articles of 2018d5852e37f4294d53bb1b4c1c8f7fa6c2.jpg









As we move into 2019, two things remain on all our minds: how did the year pass by so quickly, and how long will it be before artificial intelligence conquers the world and subjugates humankind?

I jest of course, but even when we put our fears of the unknown aside, the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is nothing to scoff at.

  • Score more than 50 hours of training in machine learning for less than $40


Computers may not wear tennis shoes (yet), but thanks to developing artificial intelligence technologies, they’re smarter than ever before. Along with those technologies has come a relatively new category of computer science called machine learning, or ML.

Similar to statistics, ML involves computer systems that utilize algorithms to automatically learn about data, recognize patterns, and make decisions, all without outside intervention or explicit directions from human beings. In the real world, you can find it being used in smart assistants like Siri and the Amazon Echo, in online fraud detection services, in the facial recognition feature that identifies photos of you on Facebook, and more recently, in Tesla’s self-driving car.




  • 17 Ideas For Using Machine Learning In Communications…..


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have multiple applications in various fields. Communications and marketing is no exception. Just like other industries, it can help improve how smoothly everything runs and offer additional insights that were difficult to obtain manually.  We asked members of Forbes Communications Council for ideas on how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help marketing and communications.

  • Apple’s Latest Silicon Doubles Down on Machine Learning

Link - 39836037882_2c6c9ffa1f_o.jpg

Last week, Apple announced that its latest line of smartphones would contain a 6.9 billion-transistor chip based on 7-nanometer manufacturing technology, the most advanced process available. But the performance of the new processor, the A12, highlights the company’s increasing focus on neural-network and graphics-computing as the advantages of scorching smaller and smaller transistors onto silicon wafers wind down.

  • What An Experienced Machine Learning Engineer Knows That A Beginner Doesn’t..


How does one evaluate experienced machine learning engineers as opposed to beginners? Overall, the role of machine learning engineers is working primarily on building data pipelines, A/B test and benchmarking infrastructure. The job of ML engineer is to get the inputs one requires to feed the models. Only when this process is done, that the data scientists focus on building the actual algorithms or models. Here, they use industry standard tools such as logistic regression, random forest, sometimes other linear models. According to one Redditor, the data pipeline is similar to a logistic model and runs in batches once a week.

  • DeepFakes Is One Of The Strangest Machine Learning Algorithms Ever. Here’s Why


Every advancement in technology has the good and the bad side. In one of our earlier articles, we had discussed how DeepFakes software created a controversial stir where miscreants rampantly created fake pornography videos by swapping faces of celebrities, not to mention false propaganda of politicians again through videos. It clearly showed how bad a technological advancement can go in an online world.


  • Machine-learning system tackles speech and object recognition, all at once..


MIT computer scientists have developed a system that learns to identify objects within an image, based on a spoken description of the image. Given an image and an audio caption, the model will highlight in real-time the relevant regions of the image being described.

Unlike current speech-recognition technologies, the model doesn’t require manual transcriptions and annotations of the examples it’s trained on.

  • More efficient security for cloud-based machine learning

  • Secure-CNN_0.jpgA novel encryption method devised by MIT researchers secures data used in online neural networks, without dramatically slowing their runtimes. This approach holds promise for using cloud-based neural networks for medical-image analysis and other applications that use sensitive data.Outsourcing machine learning is a rising trend in industry. Major tech firms have launched cloud platforms that conduct computation-heavy tasks, such as, say, running data through a convolutional neural network (CNN) for image classification.
  • ‘Machine Learning for Dummies’ Platform Mate Labs Raises $550K from Omphalos Ventures

  • FACEBOOK is using unsupervised ML for translation.



In 2014, Facebook have machine learning algorithm which connects people all over the globe. And also FAIR (Facebook AI Research) collaborates with (applied) ML to translate 100,000 languages into another.  And it also shut down its text based Chabot transition, earlier this year so the transition is hardly seamless as viable application for these technologies are sort.

  • Machine Learning is more than Games

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 11.32.46 AM.jpeg

By now, how many you have even heard about the book by Michael Lewis (The art of winning the unfair game) or have you seen movie that starred Bratt Pitt, or even done business case Billy Beane,

General Manager of Oakland A’s. They used big data in baseball.

Similarly, last five years or so, ML has emerged as a substantial area of global research and considerable investment.

In 1997, IBM’s DeepBlue become first chess program to defeat a reigning world champion GARY KASPAROV due to ML.

In 2011, IBM’s Waston beat the reigning world champion in quiz game JEOPARDY!

In 2017, DeepMind’s ALPHAGO become the first GO playing program to defeat the reigning champion KE JIE.A

  • Databricks and Snowflake partner to bring Machine Learning Smart to data warehouse.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 11.32.34 AM.jpeg

Snowflakes is a cloud based data ware housing platform which is given traditional database vendors a run for their own money. And Databricks is a big data company that offers a commercial version of Apache spark on mainstream public cloud platforms in AWS AND AZURE.

THE both company work together on algorithms of ML and data retrieved    from warehouse and store back to snowflake.

  •  ML enables physic inspired metrics for analysing art.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 11.32.31 AM.jpeg

An International Research collaborative reports that a systematised AI analysis of artwork produced over the last millennium yields revealing information about historical evolutionary artistic trends.

In National Academy of Science research analyzed a dataset of 137,564 pieces of visual art(mostly painting) hosted by the online encyclopedia wiki art. It contain 2000 artist over 100 styles.

  • Success of ML hinges on addressing safety concerns.


“Making algorithms robust to concerted attacks has become priority research area.”

Face recognition is one of the safety concerns which is evolving more due to ML.

Due to ML face recognition is 97% accurate.

“Above news and research on Machine Learning shows the both evangelists and sceptics who debate whether within in 20 years ML algorithm will have replaced may jobs worldwide and will be capable of any work human can do.”

  • Is Machine Learning Right for You?


Are you considering using machine learning? First, you have to think about the problem you are trying to solve.

Speaking at the recent Code PaLOUsa conference in Louisville, Brian Korzynski, a senior application developer at United Shore, explained why it’s essential that businesses understand the pros and cons of machine learning.



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